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You are about to go on holidays in Belvedere Camping & Apartments? You must be over your head thinking  of all the holiday essentials  that need to take with you. As the summer  is the beach, and the beach is to relax, we have prepared a list that helps  you to pack everything  you need for a carefree holiday with ease.

Prepare for the trip:

Prepare for a pleasant journey. Take the road map and find traffic information. We recommend you to take a magazine, some healthy snacks such as dried fruit or pastries on the road and to print your reservations. Pillow,  blanket and a lot of good music will also come in handy during the trip.

Everything for the beach:

Sunglasses, hat, bathing suit, towel and flip-flops are true holiday essentials for your beach bag. Make sure you bring sunscreen with a high SPF. Don’t forget kids  toys for the beach. You can have peace of mind even  if you forgot something, you can buy practically everything for the beach in the Belvedere shops.


Cosmetics and first aid kit :
Toothbrush and toothpaste, wet wipes, lotion, comb, deodorant and razor blades are essential for your daily routine. Bring a first aid kit with patches, basic pills, antihistamines and anti insect bites remedies that can be useful on holiday.


Remember to bring valid documents, money and bank cards, mobile phone and a camera to record the unforgettable moments. Don’t forget  chargers, and / or a spare battery.


Sports :

Long beach in Belvedere Camping & Apartments is ideal for leisure. Bring fins and a mask to explore the sea  and enjoy the sea. If you prefer to stay on solid ground you can choose your favorite recreational activity in one of our many sports facilities.


Final holiday essential is to write down the your friends and family addresses so you can send postcards.

The most important detail so that all goes on vacation is to leave the obligations at home. Go on your holiday carefree.