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Croatia is a country with incredibly beautiful and preserved nature. The most beautiful landscapes can be found in our national parks. Real gems of untouched nature take almost 8% of Croatian territory. These are protected areas of the original and exceptional natural resources.

Experience the exquisite beauty of the eight national parks in Croatia: Krka, Kornati Islands, Paklenica, North Velebit, Plitvice Lakes, Paklenica and Mljet. All of our national park are very easily accessible and only a few hours away by car or by boat anywhere you start from in Croatia.



Krka is a river of outstanding natural beauty, famous for its seven waterfalls. Located in the hinterland, this karst beauty of exceptional  nature offers  an educational and  lifelike presentation of traditional crafts, and of old mills. Skradinski buk is the most famous waterfall, falling over  17 steps. Skradinski buk is also the highest waterfall in the Mediterranean  46m high. Roški slap is known for it’s superb beauty, it’s definitely a must see. The islet Visovac is a pearl in the middle of the river, known for its convent and a large library.
In the middle of the crystal clear sea of the Sibenik and Zadar archipelago, you’ll find about 140 islands, islets and rocks that make the National Park Kornati. Incredible relief structures and their high cliffs create truly magical forms in the beautiful blue surroundings.


The best way to get to know “The green island” of Mljet in the southern Adriatic is by walking along the two saltwater lakes, which are surrounded by rich forests. Small lake has numerous little bays that are just perfect for swimming. In the middle of the Great Lake you’ll see the island of St. Mary with its ancient Benedictine monastery and a church, established in the 12th century.

Plitvice Lakes

16 superbly beautiful Plitvice lakes are interlinked by numerous waterfalls. They were listed as world natural heritage and are under UNESCO protection since 1979. The beauty of the Great Waterfall is the most impressive, it is  a 78m high special attraction. Plitvice lakes are interesting during all four seasons, becauseof a completely different scenery, as well as the scents and colors they show depending on whether it is the summer or the  winter.



Risnjak National Park is located in the hinterland of Kvarner. In Risnjak you’ll find exceptional natural beauty and mountain peaks. Go check the wonderful view from the highest peak of Risnjak (1528 m).
The northern Velebit was proclaimed a national park in 1999 because of the wonderful nature, the diversity of karst phenomena, and rich flora and fauna. The Velebit Velebit degenia inhabits this national park –it is Croatian rarest plant which is also protected. Explore the landscape by hiking the numerous marked routes.
Northern Velebit


Canyon Velika Paklenica under Velebit provides real alpine challenge because of its high cliffs. Manita peć  at an altitude of 570m is particularly interesting to visitors because of two halls full of stalagmites.


14 islands of the Brijuni archipelago are simply magical. Be sure to visit the safari park, where the biggest attractions is the Croatian donkey. The archipelago of Brijuni will surprise you with many scientific discoveries. In Brijuni Cretaceous park you can see the remains of dinosaur footprints from the far past.
Take a peek into the mysterious world of preserved nature without interference by human hands. Exquisite beauty  of Croatian national parks, and the diversity of flora and fauna, will not leave you indifferent. Take the time really enjoy the fresh air, the view from the mountains, the forest, waterfalls or the deep blue sea. Focus on true nature.

Get closer to the its beauty and ambiance.