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Camping with friends

May 30th, 2017


Take some time for yourself and make a break from the city, hustle and everyday life. We suggest you to escape into nature for a dream vacation. Go camping with friends to Belvedere Camping & Apartments and have fun in any situation.

70012_Belvedere_Trogir_Mobile_homes_next-to-the-sea_terrace Belvedere_apartment_07

Friends who understand you well can make an exceptional vacation experience.

Bring friends of adventurous and enthusiastic spirit. Enjoy interacting in nature, not across the screen. Walk or bike to explore the environment and many facilities in Belvedere Camping & Apartments. Don’t forget to take pictures.

14006_Belvedere_Trogir_Pool_sea-view11 12001_Belvedere_Trogir_gastro_world_restaurant-Trattoria-Bella_sea-view

Spend an active day out relaxing and having lots of fun. Swimming, bowling, beach volleyball – you can do all that in Belvedere. In addition to recreation during the summer,a little bit of competition adds up to the fun and good mood. Exercise in the fresh air will make you feel great.

Belvedere_sport_and_recreation_05 Belvedere_sport_and_recreation_02

Plan your meals and have fun along the way. Prepare delicious and healthy dishes together. Everything tastes better in the fresh air, even the coffee smells better in the morning while the dew is still on the leaves. Fresh bread can be found close at hand in the supermarket in the camping. Of course, if you have no desire to cook during the holiday, you can enjoy superb meals in Belvedere Gastro World.

11003_Belvedere_Trogir_gastro_world_restaurant-Dalmacija 12004_Belvedere_Trogir_gastro_world_restaurant-Trattoria-bella

Do what you love to do and make fantastic memories while camping with friends. Hanging out and talking will bring you closer together. Breath in some fresh air with loved ones at your side. Surround yourself with positive people you can always talk to. Gather around and enjoy the peaceful nature, beautiful view of the sea and clear skies.